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Tax Reminders 
View detailed information on how and where to pay your taxes can be found on your tax bill, such as:
  • Village of Victor taxes are due in June and are collected by the village. 
  • Victor school taxes are due in September and are collected by the school.
  • Pittsford school taxes for properties located in the Town of Victor are due in September and collected in the Town Clerk's office during regular business hours.
  • Town and county taxes are due in January and are collected by the town in the Town Clerk's office. They can also be paid during the month of January, if paid in full, at the Canandaigua National Bank.

State Law 
According to the Real Property Tax Law §922, the failure to mail a tax bill or the failure of a property owner to receive a tax bill will not affect the validity of the taxes or interest prescribed by law. Also, we are not legally allowed to change or rescind penalties.

Payment Information
Please make sure your check is made out correctly, including pay to, date, and written and numerical amounts must match. Any checks incorrectly made out will be returned and may be subject to a penalty if received by the tax receiver after the penalty free period. We do not accept postdated checks, they may be subject to penalties. On payments made by check, change for less than $1 will not be returned.

If payment is made by mail, the United States Postal Service postmark, not a postage meter mark, is used as the payment date (RPTL §925). If there is no postmark, the date received will be used as the payment date.

If using an online banking service to pay your bill, please read your agreement as the bank may not mail your payment out for up to seven days after withdrawing money from your account. Remember, the payment date is considered to be the postmark date or received date if no postmark.

For your convenience, there is a drop box located at the rear of the Victor Town Hall. Payments by check may be placed in the drop box. The drop box is checked daily by 8:00 A.M. on regular business days. Payments collected will be considered received on the prior business day.

The Town of Victor now accepts credit cards for municipal payments, fees will apply.

In person or by mail:
As stated on the tax bill, please return the entire bill with your payment to receive a receipt, to:
Tax Receiver
Town of Victor
85 E. Main St.
Victor, NY 14564

Address Updates 
If at any time you change your current mailing address, please notify the Assessor's Office and the tax receiver in writing so that the tax bills and receipts will be delivered properly, especially if your mailing address is different from the physical address of the property. 

Third Party Request
Forms are available from the tax receiver for eligible property owners that wish to designate a third party to receive a duplicate tax bill.

General Information
  • If you are responsible for paying the property taxes and have not received your town / county tax bill by mid-January, please contact the Tax Office immediately. 
  • If you receive a bill in error (ex: no longer own the property) please notify and return the bill to the Tax Receiver's Office.
  • Upon payment of the taxes by the bank or mortgage company, the receipt is mailed directly to the homeowner within two to three weeks.