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Victor Hiking Trails
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We are a grassroots organization that began exploratory meetings in the fall of 1991. We have accomplished a lot, but we still have much work ahead of us. We currently have over 30-miles of open trails. These include well connected multi-use rails-to-trails, secluded woodland rambles, stream side walks, and longer cross-town hiking trails. Some connect various town and state parks, others exist by themselves. In addition, we are actively scouting out possible sites and negotiating with land owners and developers for permission of public access to their property. Our purpose is to develop a trail system which will preserve open space and provide an educational and recreational experience for everyone in the town of Victor. 

Involved in Victor Hiking Trails are kindred spirits. People who care about the land on which they live. People who enjoy nature in all its bounty. People who want to improve their town and leave something that will add value to our lives. People like you. We welcome you among us. We meet on the third Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Victor Town Hall at 85 East Main Street. Meetings are informal and everyone is welcome. Please try to join us, so you can get to know us better. We have regularly scheduled work parties for clearing and maintaining the trail system. Please see our calendar for more information.

  • Create and maintain foot trails and multi-use paths in the Town of Victor
  • Promote a meaningful relationship with nature
  • Promote individual responsibility for protecting the environment
  • Provide recreational activity through walking, biking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing
  • Provide education to the public through nature interpretation, historical information, and proper use of trails
  • Promote good relationships with all people (landowners, government officials, adjacent townships, and trail users)

  • Trails of various terrain, landforms, views, and habitats for various plant and animal species
  • Trails in various geographic sections of the Town of Victor with access by as many residents as possible.
  • Trails of various lengths and difficulties
  • Trails for foot traffic and paths for multi-use including bikes

For more information and to see the schedule of hikes, meetings, and trail maintenance visit our website.

2012 NYS Trail User Count
In 2012 a trail user survey was conducted. This was a joint effort between: Parks & Trails New York, NYS Trails Council and NYS Office of Parks & Recreation Historic Preservation.

Report of the 2012 NYS Trail User Count