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Ontario County Real Property Tax Services

Ontario County OnCor

Department Overview
The Assessment Department is responsible for placing an assessment on each parcel of land and all real property in the town for the purpose of equalization of the tax base. The Town Assessor administers the assessment roll in accordance with the New York State Real Property Tax Law, the Code of the Town of Victor, and Rules and Regulations promulgated by the State Board of Real Property Services.

The Assessment Department maintains an inventory of all parcels in the Town of Victor in order to establish an assessed value for the equitable distribution of property taxes. Assessments are made at 100% of the market value and assessment rolls are filed in accordance with the assessment calendar. The assessment roll and property inventory data is maintained using the Real Property System (RPS V4) developed by the NYS Office of Real Property Tax Services. The Town Assessor is appointed by the Town Board and must be qualified as required by the NYS Real Property Tax Law.

In accordance with rules and regulations set forth in New York Real Property Tax Law, the Town of Victor participates in the cyclical reassessment program. Cyclical reassessment involves the analysis of all properties in the municipality every three years to determine if they reflect current market values and making adjustments where necessary. Assessment changes may also be made due to change in use, and/or issuance of a building permit for new construction, remodeling or demolition.

Assessment Topics

Assessment Calendar

Neighborhood Code Summary

Board of Assessment Review (BAR)

Complaints on Assessment

Informal Assessment Review Applications - See Forms page, towards bottom under Real Property Assessment Complaint

Sales Information

Residential Sales File - Key (explanation)

Residential Sales File


Residential Property Tax Exemptions

NYS Publications - Handouts for the Public

Topics of Interest

Assess This: Opinion appearing in Washington Post, February 2005: Why You Should Stop Whining and Learn to Love the Property Tax

Understanding the Tax Cap

Uniform Assessment Standard (Pub 1025):
The NYS Board of Real Property Tax Services adopted these Uniform Assessment Standards to provide a set of principles to guide individual assessing units in assessment administration.

Ontario County Real Property Tax Services 2012 Annual Report

Assessment Study Report January 2009: A study of assessment administration in Ontario County, NY completed under the NYS Office of Real Property Services Centralized Property Tax Administration Grant Program

A History of the Real Property Tax and Equalization in the State of New York:
A fascinating seven part series looks all the way back to colonial days at the history of real property taxes in New York State. Originally published by the NYS Office of Real Property Services.

Assessment Study Presentation January 27, 2009:
PDF file of a power point presentation of the Assessment Study to the Ontario County Financial Management and Government Operations committees.

Videos – Prepared by the NYS Office of Taxation and Finance

Contesting Your Property Assessment

About Taxes and Property Assessments

Is your Assessment Fair?

Wayne Pickering, IAO
Appointed Town Assessor

Marlene Murnan

85 East Main Street
Victor NY  14564
(585) 742-5010