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Request for Attestation of Exemption (CE-200) Online Application

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Create a unique pin by following the instructions given.
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*If you are completing the CE-200 as a Homeowner:
Nature of the Business select - Homeowner
Applying for select - Building permit
Issuing Governmental Agency – Town of Victor

Enter the project dates (when work will start and estimate of when it will be completed)

Address (the address where the work will be done)

Complete and submit the application.

Please print, sign and date the certificate and turn in with your completed building permit application to the Town of Victor – Building Department.

Important Announcement

NYS Uniform Code and Energy Code Update - March 25, 2016 (PDF)

Building Permit Applications for Town Parcels

Applications are reviewed for completeness and compliance with applicable codes and zoning requirements by Town staff. Code Enforcement Officials (CEO) inspect all buildings and construction sites for compliance with federal, state, and local codes. Fire inspections are performed by department personnel on a regularly scheduled basis.

If you are planning to remodel, build an addition or structure, erect a fence, install a driveway, or make any other changes to your property, contact the department before starting your project. They can help you determine what federal, state, and/or local ordinances might be applicable. All properties have minimum setbacks and restrictions depending on zoning and many projects require a permit. Permits are valid for up to one year depending on the type and scope of the project.

Fire Damage

Residential Permit Applications

Please be advised that in the 2020 NYS Residential Code - A hot tub or spa is required to meet the permanent barrier requirements as set forth in R326.4.2, generally speaking but not limited to the following: a fence, enclosure edge raised to 48 inches or other means to satisfy the barrier requirements. 

Commercial Permit Applications

Operating Permit Applications