Zoning Application Process - Village

Village Zoning Board Variance Application Process Summary

  • Submit complete application and plans to the Village of Victor
  • Legal notice is published and you and your neighbors are notified by mail
  • Public hearing held at Village Hall
  • Decision is made by board
  • Decision is sent to you and the Village Code Enforcement Officer
  • Proceed to the Village Hall Office to obtain proper permits

Village of Victor Zoning Board of Appeals


  • $50 for an Interpretation Application
  • $100 to process Area Variance Application
  • $200 to process Use Variance Application
  • Plus engineering fees


A variance is a relief / waiver of the application of specific requirements to the Village of Victor Code. Each applicant seeking a variance has the legal burden of showing that specific conditions are met to allow for such a waiver.

A variance is needed if you desire to do something that is not within the code regulations or if you wish to appeal the decision or action by the Code Enforcement Officer.

Area / Use / Special Use Permit

Area variance is defined as "authorization by the zoning board of appeals for the use is land in a manner, which is not allowed by the dimensional or topographical requirements of the applicable zoning regulations."

Use variance is defined as "authorization by the zoning board of appeals for the use of land in a manner or for a purpose, which is otherwise not allowed or is prohibited by the applicable zoning regulations."

Note of Interest

No use variance shall be granted unless the board finds that there remains an unnecessary hardship otherwise. The board, in granting the variance, will seek to grant the minimum variance necessary. The overall charge of the Zoning Board is to still uphold the Village of Victor Code.

A special use permit is an "authorization for landowners to use their property in a way the code allows, if certain code conditions are met." The Village Board grants a temporary permit or usage.

If there is any question as to which type of variance you are seeking, please contact the Village of Victor at 585-924-3311.