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Nature Is Spectacular, Get Outside!

Thank you, John G. Turner and Henry M. Hansen for donating 57 acres of land for recreational and park land use. Thank you, Robert Butler, for donating 40 acres of land for an experimental bluebird feeding area. Our children's children thank you.

Town of Victor Parks Guide (PDF)

Rules of the Parks & Trails

The rules for Town trails are defined by the same code as for Town parks. Thank you for using the parks & trails responsibly and helping to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all users!

The following activities are prohibited on Town of Victor trails & in Town of Victor parks:

  • Unauthorized Motorized Vehicles
  • E-bikes Above Class 1
  • Off-Leash Pets
  • Littering/Pet Waste
  • Trespassing on Adjacent Land
  • Horses
  • Hunting
  • Smoking (including e-cigarettes)

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

  1. Town of Victor Code - Chapter 148 Parks
  2. Town of Victor Code - Chapter 149 Off-Road Vehicles
  3. Town of Victor Code - Chapter 169 Smoking

Town of Victor Code - Chapter 148 Parks (link to code)

Below is a selection of Town of Victor Code for reference:

148-1 Applicability.

This article shall apply to those lands owned by and under the control and supervision of the Town of Victor which are dedicated or otherwise devoted to active or passive recreation. The use of the terms "park" and "trail" in this article shall mean and include all parks and trails presently or heretofore operated within the Town of Victor. 

148-2 Hours.

Parks and trails shall be open to the public every day of the year from dawn until dusk. The hours of parks that include year-round lodges and restrooms may be adjusted upon express permission of the Town of Victor Department of Parks and Recreation as necessary to accommodate facility reservations and Department of Parks and Recreation sponsored activities. 

148-7 Domestic animals.

Domestic animals, including dogs and cats, must be on a leash, and horses are not allowed in parks or on trails at any time. Dogs must be in compliance with the Town of Victor Dog Code at Chapter 90 of the Victor Town Code. 

148-9 Littering.

Littering is prohibited, and all refuse shall be deposited in receptacles placed at intervals within parks and trails. 

148-10 Hunting or molesting animals.

No person shall hunt, molest, harm, frighten, kill, trap, pursue, chase, tease, shoot or throw objects or projectiles at any animal, wildlife, reptile or bird, nor shall be remove or have in his possession the young of the wild animal or the eggs or nest or young of any reptile or bird. Fishing activity in all man-made ponds shall be catch and release. Fishing licenses must be obtained (as required) from New York State. 

148-13 Ejection from park.

Those persons within the boundaries of parks or trails, whether using its facilities or not, are subject to the rules and regulations contained herein and may be ejected from parks or trails in the event that they violate any rule or regulation. 

148-14 Enforcement.

This article shall be enforced by any park or trail attendant that may heretofore or hereafter be authorized to enforce this article by the Town Board. This article shall be enforced by the Police Departments having jurisdiction in the Town of Victor.

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