Hunting / Fishing License

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

The Town of Victor is a Licensed Issuing Agent for New York State hunting and fishing licenses. You must appear in person in order to purchase a hunting and/or fishing license. 

We are able to accept cash, check, and credit cards for payment. Please note there is service fee for credit card payments. This service fee is charged by the payment processor, not by the Town of Victor. 

For more information visit the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website.

You may buy your Sporting License online through the NYS DEC site.

Proof of Residency

Proof of residency is required for the purchase of all hunting and fishing licenses. The most common proof to present is a NYS Driver License or NYS Non-Driver ID. 

Full-time students attending school in New York State would be eligible for a resident hunting and fishing license if they provide a current student ID and a current statement signed by the registrar of the school where the student is enrolled.

For a complete list of documents that can be used to satisfy proof of residency, please visit the NYSDEC’s website .

Sportsman Education

Fishing licenses do not require any Sportsman Education, however all other licenses require Sportsman Education.

  • Hunting requires either a Hunter Education Certificate or a previous hunting license from any state or county.
  • Trapping requires either a Trapper Education Certificate or a previous trapping license from any state or country.
  • Bowhunting requires either a previous Bowhunting License from 1980 or later from any state or country OR a Certificate of Completion of a Bowhunter Safety Course from any state or country.

For more information on Sportsman Education courses, please visit the DEC’s Sportsman Education page .

Deer Management Permit (DMP)

Deer Management Permits (also known as “doe tags” or “party permits”) may be purchased in the Victor Town Clerk’s Office for a non-refundable $10 fee from August 1st through October 1st. Lifetime License holders who purchased their Lifetime Licenses prior to October 1, 2009 are able to apply for DMPs for no charge.

DMPs are issued through an instant lottery process by Wildlife Management Unit (WMU). The WMU map is available on the DEC’s website . The probability for each WMU is predetermined by the DEC and is available on a chart here in our office. Through the instant lottery process, the chances of you receiving a DMP in each WMU will remain the same from the first day of sales through the October 1st deadline – it is not a first come, first serve selection. You are able to apply for up to two (2) DMPs, whether they be the same area or different areas, but the two (2) selections must be made at the same time – if the instant lottery does not result in you receiving a DMP, you are not able to reselect areas.

Beginning November 1st, DEC will release a list of WMUs that have remaining DMPs and they will be available on a first come/first serve basis, however each person can obtain only up to two (2). If you purchased DMPs during the instant lottery process, there will no fee for additional DMPs during the first come/first serve process; otherwise, the first come/first serve DMPs cost $10. Please note that the WMU areas available at the beginning of the day will continue to be available throughout the day so there is no need to be here right when we open.

For more information on Deer Management Permits, please visit the DEC’s website .

Free Fishing Days/Weekends

A few times a year, DEC hosts free fishing days/weekends where anyone can fish the waters of New York State and no license is required. The State of New York has some of the finest fishing in the country! With more than 7,500 lakes and ponds and over 70,000 miles of streams and rivers, there are more than enough places to experience the joy of fishing. If you or your children have never been fishing, there are many reasons to try it out! The free fishing weekend is great to try it out for the first time or if you haven’t gone in a few years, remember the pleasure of fishing once again! For upcoming dates, please visit the DEC’s website .

Buying a License for a Gift

You must appear in person in order to purchase a hunting and/or fishing license. The only item available for purchase as a gift would be a Lifetime License for children under the age of 16. 

If you wish to purchase a Lifetime License as a gift for a child under 16, you will need to bring a document showing proof of the child’s age, such as a Birth Certificate or Passport, as well as proof of residency, such as the parent’s NYS Driver License.

Licenses or tags for children with Lifetime Licenses will not be fulfilled until the child reaches the age they are eligible for the license purchased. For Lifetime Fishing Licenses, the license will not be fulfilled until the child turns 16, because minors under 16 do not need a fishing license. For Lifetime Licenses which include hunting, the license will not be fulfilled until the child turns 12 and has completed the necessary Sportsman Education course (Children are eligible to complete the Sportsman Education course at age 11). Upon meeting the eligibility requirements, the corresponding licenses and tags will be mailed to the gift recipient directly from DEC.

Duck Stamps

The Federal Duck Stamp is not available for purchase at the Town of Victor. For more information about the Federal Duck Stamp and purchase locations, please visit the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s website.