Village Recycling Collection

All recyclables in the Village will be picked up on WEDNESDAYS

Place Recycling at the Curb NO EARLIER Than 6 p.m. the Night Before and NO LATER Than 7 a.m. the Morning of, to Insure Pickup.

The Village now has a “Zero-Sort” policy. Recyclables can be in one container, unsorted - All other rules still apply.

Casella Waste implemented a Zero-Sort Program at the Ontario County Landfill in 2010. This means you no longer have to sort your recyclables (for Village Curbside Pickup ONLY). All recyclables can go into one container. At this time there is no cost to the Village for dumping recycling, but there is a fee for the refuse. The more we recycle, the more we can save on dumping fees.

In order to promote the Zero-Sort Recycling Program, the Department of Public Works has now budgeted for new, larger, covered recycling collectors and has made them available to our residents free of charge, ONE per household. If you would like one of these containers, please call the Village Hall at 585-924-3311. Please note: only a limited quantity is purchased each year.

You may continue to use your blue bins or you may use a 32 gallon container if you have more recyclables. All regulations, except the sorting of the recyclables, will remain the same. Please do not mix with any garbage.

For household hazardous waste disposal call Ontario County Recycling at 585-526-4420.

Ontario County Recycling in the Village of Victor:

CORRUGATED CARDBOARD (look for ridges):
Flatten and reduce to 2' x 4' and place under blue recycle box. No food or oil-stained cardboard, such as pizza boxes. No waxy or glossy surfaces.

Brown Grocery, white and colored-Put with corrugated cardboard.

Office paper, Magazines, Catalogs, Junk Mail, Telephone Books, Newspapers and Inserts, *Boxboard/Paperboard, Glossy paper, Construction and Composition paper, File Folders, Non-metallic gift wrap, and Fax paper-Combine and place in blue box or in paper grocery bags. NOTE: Shredded office paper must be in clear plastic bags.
*Boxboard/Paperboard: All boxes that are not corrugated such as cereal, shoe, gift, cracker, cake mixes, and facial tissue. These should be flattened and any lining removed.

Waxed paper, glossy or waxy paper bags, egg cartons, paper plates and cups, food-contaminated papers, tissue paper, metallic gift wrap, carbon paper, toilet paper and paper towels.

Clear and Colored Glass Bottles and Jars; Metal and Bi-metal cans; Plastics Number 1-7; empty Aerosol Containers from beauty and household products only and License Plates (defaced-by painting over or cut in half). Rinse all Containers well to remove food or liquid residue. Place sharp metal can lids inside the cans. Flatten cans and Plastic jugs. Combine and place in container.

Discard all caps (plastic and metal).
NO Styrofoam products.
NO window glass or drinking glasses.
NO motor oil/antifreeze containers.
NO pesticide or spray paint containers.
NO 5-gallon pails.
NO lawn furniture.
NO plastic flower pots.

A reminder to residents, commercial and residential:
PLEASE no dumping of grease and oil down sinks. This has caused substantial problems with sewer backups in the Village. When grease is poured down the drain, the minute that it hits the cold water it forms a ball and causes sewer backup. Please pour grease into a closed container and dispose of it when it is cool enough to place into your garbage.

For more information and to see a video on how the Zero-Sort Recycle Program works, go to the Casella Waste Systems website.