Snow Removal

Please use the following form for any problems in your area that you wish to report:

General Inquiry / Request for Service / Complaint for Highway Form

Winter Tips

When the winter season approaches it is important that residents remember the following rules when snow arrives:

  • DO NOT plow snow in the road or across it. Keep it on your property and in an area that does not obstruct your view or that of drivers on the roadway. If you hire someone to plow for you, please be sure that they are aware that it is illegal to plow snow across a highway. It leaves a hazardous situation for the traveling public.
  • DO NOT let children play in snowdrifts near the roadway. It is difficult and often impossible for plow operators to see them.
  • Keep your house numbers clear of snow in case of emergencies.
  • If you have a fire hydrant near you, Please consider shoveling out around it. This could save the fire department precious time in an emergency.


There is no parking on TOWN roadways from November 1st through April 1st unless otherwise posted.

Town plowing procedures during snow events:

There are nine main plow routes within the town. During snow events, clearing state and county roadways are the first priority. Plowing then proceeds on the main collector roads, followed by local roads, residential developments, business parks and cul-de-sacs.

If any resident should have an emergency health situation during a snow event and needs to have the road cleared, please contact the Highway Department at 585-742-5094.

Sensible Salting

The Town adopted a "Sensible Salting" program. This was implemented for environmental purposes and to cut down on costs. The streets listed below are areas where the road elevation is minimal and would not require the amount of surface treatment that is necessary on other local roads.

The streets affected by this "Sensible Salting" program are: Gypsum Mills, Kensington Court, Canterbury Trail, Song Hill Lane, Springdale Court, Wildwood Lane, Falcon's Point, Whispering Hills, Hidden Brook, Sachem Trail, Rolling Meadows, Rae Boulevard, Canning Parkway, Sunray Crest, Fieldcrest Lane, Scudder Mills,Highland Green (No salt in turnaround), Trillium Trail, Mill Street, Bramwell Park, Saurer Farms Drive, Bradhurst Street, and Esjay Drive.