Facility and Field Rentals

Facility Rentals

Are you looking for a place to hold a party or business meeting? Can’t find a place for your baby shower or family reunion? Residents can reserve facilities up to twelve (12) months in advance, non-residents can reserve facilities up to six (6) months in advance.  Reservations must be made at least (5) business days prior to the date requested.

To check on the availability of any of our facilities, you can go to our Online Registration Site and once there, click on the "Facility Rentals" tab.

All facility reservations must be made in person at the P&R Office located at 7891 Lehigh Crossing. 

Not sure which facility might be right for your event? Please contact us at 585-742-0140 with any questions.

Room rentals at the P&R facility at Lehigh Crossing are unavailable until further notice.


  • All reservations made on a Town of Victor holiday are FULL DAY ONLY
  • No Reservations accepted for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • For reservations at the "Lodge" or at "Butler Cottage" from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day (Saturday and Sunday)  - are FULL DAY ONLY

Facility Rules:

These rules apply to both indoor and outdoor facilities.

  • No Alcohol Allowed
  • No Smoking Permitted in Enclosed Facilities
  • No Fires Other Than in Grills
  • No Live Band Music or DJ's
  • All Facilities Come "As Is" 
  • All facilities must be left in the condition found on arrival.

Outdoor Field Rentals

Rectangular fields at Dryer Road Park and Village on the Park are available for rental for individuals and organizations.  The Box Rink at Dryer Road is available for rental as well. 

The Field Usage Request Form (below) is to be completed when requesting use of fields.  Please complete this form and return it to the Department of Parks and Recreation at least (5) five business days prior to the date requested.  This form must be approved by all necessary persons/parties prior to use.  A certificate of insurance with all the Town of Victor’s requirements must be provided prior to use.

All field usage reservations must be made to the Director of Parks & Recreation - please contact him at 585-742-0141.

Outdoor Field Usage Request Forms can be faxed to (585) 742-0142 or emailed to Brian Emelson, Director of Parks & Recreation. 





Non-Resident Fee 

MaryFrances Bluebird Haven "Butler Cottage"

235 Victor-Egypt Road
Facility Hours: 8:00am-2:00pm / 3:00-9:00pm
 45 $80 half day
 $150 full day
 $90 half day
 $170 full day

Dryer Road Park - Pavilion

7405 Dryer Road
Grills, picnic tables, & electrical outlets available
Facility Hours: Dawn to Dusk
 50 $50
 full day only
 full day only

Victor Municipal Park - Lodge

6680 Paperone Drive (off Brace Road)
Facility Hours: 8:00am-2:00pm / 3:00pm-9:00pm
100 $105 half day
$200 full day
 $130 half day
 $250 full day

Victor Municipal Park - Pavilion

Facility Hours: Dawn to Dusk
 50 $50
 full day only
 full day only

Parks & Recreation Office - Unavailable at this time

7891 Lehigh Crossing, Victor
Facility Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm (Mon-Fri)
 Gymnasium (Full) 400 $55 per hour $65 per hour
 Gymnasium (Half) 200 $30 per hour $40 per hour
 Multipurpose Room (Full) 60 $35 per hour $45 per hour
 Multipurpose Room (Half) 30 $20 per hour $30 per hour

 (Gymnasium rentals require a certificate of insurance with all the Town of Victor's requirements provided prior to use.)

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