Transfer Station / Recycle Center

ONLY the Office at the Highway/Transfer Station will be CLOSED on Wednesday, 10/19, so that the staff may attend a workshop. The Transfer Station will be OPEN.

Toss Only Items Listed Into Recycling Bin

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Items that Can't be Recycled or Composted

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Reasons to Use the Transfer Station

Reminder for Recycle Center Updated 07252022

Thermoform Plastics DO NOT Belong in Recycling

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Ontario County Special Collection Events Schedule for 2022

Ontario County Special Collection Events Schedule for year 2022

Mattress Recycling Event 9/24/2022

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The Transfer Station/Recycle Center is open to Town and Village of Victor residents and taxpayers only. It is located at 60 Rawson Road, next to the town highway garage. To use the facility, a permit is required.

The facility was established for residents to dispose of garbage and recyclable materials. It was not intended for residents who own contracting businesses to dispose of large quantities of construction materials, tree/yard debris, recyclables or refuse. We do not have the space to accommodate these quantities of materials. Please respect the rules set into place so that we can retain this great asset for our community.

There are other options for disposal of large quantities of construction material, recyclables, yard debris, and refuse. Please contact the Transfer Station office at 585-742-5094 extension 2201 for more information.

The Transfer Station employees appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to the rules and standards that have been established.

For information on Permit procedures/requirements please see Permit Requirements