P&R Master Plan

2019 Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update

The Department of Parks and Recreation is dedicated to offering ALL residents a balanced system of parklands, preservation of open space, and broad-based leisure opportunities that will foster growth of healthy lifestyles. The Department and its’ Parks and Recreation Citizens’ Advisory Committee developed an update to the Parks and Recreation Master Plan to assist the community in responsibly managing the natural resources, parks and facilities and recreation opportunities in Victor. The 2019 Parks and Recreation Master Plan project was supported by our consultant team at Bayer Landscape Architecture who were engaged throughout the two-year process from concept to completion. The plan was adopted by the Victor Town Board on August 26, 2019.

The master plan effort developed nine “System-Wide Goals” and supporting recommendations, which will assist the community in future planning and decision making to ensure that the Department and its’ system respond to the needs of the community. The goals of the 2019 plan are:

  • Adapt and Evolve with the Recreation Needs of the Community
  • Create a Balance between Active and Passive Recreation
  • Increase Connectivity within the Town and the Adjacent Communities
  • Continue to Strengthen Community Partnerships
  • Explore the Opportunity of a Town-Owned Recreation Facility
  • Build an Identity through Branding
  • Activate the Community through Recreation Programs
  • Create an Asset Management Plan for Improvements and Maintenance
  • Strengthen and Enhance the Parks and Recreation Department

The project process involved an inventory and assessment of our existing recreation facilities and recreation programs and a rigorous approach toward public engagement and community outreach. This resulted in a series of recommendations and desired outcomes including three “Priority Projects” that were identified during the initial phases of master plan development. The Priority Projects identified are:

#1 Paparone Park and Community Recreation Center

#2 Town-Wide Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity

#3 Harlan Fisher Park

As the community continues to grow and evolve, the 2019 Parks and Recreation Master Plan will be used to help guide the Department of Parks and Recreation and its’ Parks and Recreation Citizens’ Advisory Committee as they work toward implementing the recommendations and accomplishing the goals.

P&R Master Plan Document

Parks & Recreation Master Plan Update 2019 (PDF) 28 MB

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2007 Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The Town of Victor developed and adopted its initial Parks and Recreation Master Plan in (2002). The plan included the design and construction of the 1st phase of Dryer Road Park and acknowledged to importance of recreation as a quality of life element in Victor. This original plan was updated in (2007) and involved the concept plans for Victor Municipal Park and Paparone Park. Additional projects identified in that (2007) update, which have since been realized include the Auburn Trail Extension project, the lodges at Victor Municipal Park and MaryFrances Bluebird Haven and the importance of a public facility dedicated to recreation and housing the Department of Parks and Recreation.