Find out if I live in the Village

You are a resident of the Village if you live on the following streets:

Alpine Way
Ambassador Drive
Andrew Street
Brookline Avenue
Cambridge Circle
Church Street
Clover Lane
Coville Street
Dryer Avenue
Dunbridge Lane
Duxbury Circle
East Main Street
East Parkway
East Street
Ellis Street
Forest Avenue
Glendower Way
Hillcrest Drive
Huxley Way
Kent Drive
Ketchum Street
Latchmere Drive (10 thru 74)

Lynaugh Road (west side to 113)
Maple Avenue
Medford Way
Moore Avenue
Railroad Street
Rawson Road
Rothbury Circle
Sagamore Way (974, 976 & 981)
Salem Circle
Somerset Lane
So. High Street (8-298)
Tareyton Drive
Walling Street
Waltham Street
Webster Avenue
Wellington Drive (1254-1331)
West Main Street
West Parkway
Winston Drive
Woodworth Street
Valley View Circle
Valley View Drive