Victor Access Management

For additional information and documents please visit Ontario County's Victor Access Management web page.

Victor Access Management Plan

The Town and Village of Victor and Ontario County are working with LaBella Associates to prepare an Access Management Plan. The purpose of the Plan is to adopt standards that appropriately balance access to individual properties and the safety and efficiency of the road network. An interconnected road network with parcel access from secondary streets and multiple route options provides access while maintaining high standards of safety and efficiency. Road safety and efficiency decline when there are many direct access point and few route options.

Following Plan completion, the Town and Village of Victor conducted a SEQR review and adopted Local Laws as follows:

  1. Local laws to adopt the Access Management Plan as an Amendment to the Town of Victor Comprehensive Plan and a component of the Village of Victor Comprehensive Plan;
  2. Local Laws to adopt Town and Village of Victor Official Maps;
  3. Local Laws to adopt Town and Village of Victor Access Management regulations implementing the standards in the Access Management Plan; and
  4. Local laws to amend Town and Village of Victor Zoning, Site Plan and Subdivision Codes as needed to implement the Access Management Plan.

Adopted Materials:

Adopted Access Management Plan (PDF)

Adopted Town of Victor Official Map (PDF)

Adopted Town of Victor Chapter 55 Access Management (PDF)

Adopted Village Official Map (PDF)

Adopted Village Code Chapter 40 Access Management (PDF)

Access Management Steering Committee Members

Steering Committee /Special Committee voting members

  • Tom Harvey     OCPD     Director, Planning Dept. 
  • Linda Phillips     OCPD     Planner 
  • Jack Marren     Town of Victor     Town Supervisor 
  • Kathy Rayburn     Town of Victor     Director Economic Development 
  • Kim Kinsella     Town of Victor     Planning, Development 
  • Dave Tantillo     Town of Victor     Councilman 
  • Al Gallina    Town of Victor    Planning Board
  • Mark Years     Town of Victor     Highway Superintendent 
  • Gary Hadden     Village of Victor     Mayor 
  • Meg Chaides     Village of Victor     Chair, Planning Board 
  • John Turner     Village of Victor     Director of Public Works

Steering Committee Member Only, non-voting

  • Joe Bovenzi     GTC     Program Manager 
  • Paul Spitzer     NYSDOT     Regional Traffic Engineer