Highway Work Permit

Town of Victor Highway Department

Section 149 of Highway Law
All work within the Town right-of-way requires a Highway Permit. A permit must be obtained before any work within the right-of-way takes place.

Highway Work Permit Application (pdf)

Return Highway Work Permit Application to:
Town of Victor Highway Department
60 Rawson Road
Victor, NY 14564

or Email Town of Victor Highway

Any questions, please call the Highway Department at 585-742-5094, ext. 2201

Town Fee Schedule - Amended 2/26/2024 (see document for details)

S. Highway Work Permit. Must be approved by the Highway Superintendent and paid for at the Highway Department, building B. Amended 4/11/2022
Residents, Contractors, Developers and Utility Companies
Highway Work Permit - $25.00 for each utility and curb cut.

Online Portal for Highway Work Permits

Residents and contractors can now utilize an online portal to submit Highway Work Permit applications to the Highway Department. 

Please go to the Online Portal and create an account. Once your account is created, you may submit your application and any documentation.

You must fill out and upload the applicable permit application along with any supporting documentation with your submission, 

Please Note: When entering information (Property Address, OR Owner Name) choose only one option. If searching by name just enter last name, or if by the property address just enter the number of the address and then select the correct one if several properties are listed. 

All online permit requests need to be accompanied with documentation as indicated on the application, including the completed application form.

Applicants will be notified of receipt of their application via an email. If additional information is required, you will be contacted by the Highway Department.

You must fill out and upload the applicable Highway Work Permit application along with any supporting documentation with your submission,

Link for Online Portal