Enhanced Road Patrol & Mobile Radar Signs

Law Enforcement:

Town of Victor Enhanced Road Patrol:

  • Since 2017, the Town Board has budgeted funds in support of a contract for 15 additional hours per week with the Ontario County Sheriff’s Department for traffic enforcement. This was increased to 20 additional hours per week in 2023.
  • This was driven by the high number of complaints from our Town residents about the speed of motorist on our Town roads.
  • Residents have reported that they witness this activity for the most part throughout the commuting hours in the morning and again in the afternoon.
  • We have provided the Sheriff’s department with a map identifying some of the areas of the Town in question. In addition, we have also identified stop signs that are ignored on a regular basis.
  • Since 2020, the Town has now purchased three (3) mobile Radar Signs that are rotated to different roads to help alert motorists of their speed. We are looking to add three (3) additional radar signs in 2023.
  • If you have any areas of the Town that you would like to see enhanced traffic enforcement or the placement of a radar sign, please fill out the Citizen’s Traffic Enforcement / Radar Sign Request Form and send us your suggestions.

We have received significant feedback from residents happy with the enhanced visibility of Law Enforcement.

In addition, the Town is also planning on installing fifty (50) “Bike In Lane” signs throughout the Town to help improve the ability of our residents and visitors to bike safely in our community.