As a property owner, what are my responsibilities?
It is up to each individual property owner to monitor their own assessments(s). A taxpayer who feels he/she is not being fairly assessed should meet with the Assessor before the tentative assessment roll is established on May 1st. First, the taxpayer needs to call the Assessor's office to schedule an appointment, then in an informal setting, the Assessor can explain how the assessment was determined, the rationale behind it and answer any questions the taxpayer may have.

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1. What are the functions of the Assessment Department?
2. What does the Assessor Do?
3. How is an assessment calculated?
4. As a property owner, what are my responsibilities?
5. Are there any real property tax exemptions that can help lower my taxes?
6. How do I ask for my assessment to be reviewed?
7. My assessment seems higher than similar size and style homes in my neighborhood even after the Informal Assessment Review. How do I go about getting my assessment reduced?
8. But my taxes are still too high?