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Boughton Park

Admission Fee

Permit Required - Free to Victor residents

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  1. Fishing Access
  2. Multi-Use Trails
  3. Picnic Shelter
  4. Seasonal Bathrooms
Located in the Town of East Bloomfield, Boughton Park has joint ownership by the Towns of Victor, East Bloomfield, and West Bloomfield. The park consists of ponds (56 acres), trails and wooded areas. It is a popular place for canoeing, kayaking and fishing. Permits are required and can be obtained at the Victor Town Clerks office, 85 East Main Street. Permits are free to Victor residents. Please bring proof of residency. The park is only open to Victor, East Bloomfield and West Bloomfield residents.

Acreage: 330 Acres
Length of Trails: 5 Miles
Location: Two Entrances: East Bloomfield, Stirnie Road, 1/2 mile south of Town Line Road & Boughton Road, 2 miles west of NYS Route 444.